A blast from the past

Got home from work, did some stuff, sat down to check my e-mail and there was some stuff from my Aunt Beth, a very sweet lady who sometimes comes across old family pictures, etc. and very kindly sends them along.

Well, what she found were some of Mom's old recipes.

This is amazing for several reasons. Like everyone else, I found Mom's cooking to be a notch above other peoples.

This, of course, is not because one person or another is a "better" cook, per se, but rather because each individual does things that the eater becomes accustomed to and therefore develops a preference for.

Nonetheless, Mom was an amazing cook who could stretch a very modest budget to feed a large family ample quantities of more than edible food.

She also made many, many things from scratch. Biscuits, cakes, fudge, a variety of spaghetti's and macaroni's and cookies...she had a wide range and considered it quite an insult to have people think she was using Hamburger helper or Bisquick mix or anything like that. She made it from scratch by hand and took pride in that.

And one thing she made that I seldom could find anywhere was a German Pancake.

They are time consuming to make, can be difficult to eat, and are not nearly as popular as they should be...much like me. Hmm.

Anyway, I opened the third e-mail, and check out the attachment:

It probably means more to me than anyone else...and should...but wow! Thanks, Aunt Beth, you rock!

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Riot Kitty said...

Yum! And are you making these for your friends? :)