I seem to be in a bad mood lately...

I know I have been talking about work a lot lately...but that is what is on my mind.

I am happy they modified my shift somewhat. Getting off at 8:30 is certainly better than getting off at..."when you get done without having enough prep done by the other people".

And having been on the wrong end of it, I make sure to have plenty done for the loaders.

Like today, for instance.

By the time they got there, I had 80+% of the prep work done. just to give you a point of reference...

When I was a loader, I regularly had 35+ picks to do at 8;30 at night. Tonight, there were 15 picks left....at 4:53. I went to lunch.

When I got back at 5:23 they should have already started loading. By the time I left at 8:30 there should have been 2 trucks done and they should have been a quarter to a half way done with the second trucks.

I made sure they could start as soon as possible and made a point of telling them they could.

Another point of reference. Trucks get 10 - 15 pallets apiece,anywhere from 2 - 10 4X8 units, and miscellaneous other items. That takes about 2-1/2 hours on average. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

Well...when I left at 8:30, there was a total of 6 pallets loaded...on the first truck.

That is it.

Had people prepped for me like I did for them tonight, over a third of the work would have been done.

Okay, so that is a lie because I outwork most people I work with. But more than a truck and half would have been loaded by me alone.

So yeah, I find it irritating that I work my tail off to make sure the job is ready for them to do...and then they don't do it.

They talk on the phone. They wander over to talk to each other. They do work tasks that are counter-productive and make the job take longer.

I can assure you that should I be asked to help by staying later, the answer is definitely no. There may or may not be other words in front of that.


Riot Kitty said...

Did you blow off the other company yet? I hope not!

Darth Weasel said...

I gave them courtesy call and canceled the interview. they were definitely not the right company for me.

No, I just made a point of letting the people in charge know I had done my job and if they did not get out on time, it was on their head.

And today there was a note made how early I had everything ready for the trucks to get loaded so I know I am covered.