Once you are aware of the Giggle Loop, you are part of it...

Since there was a Coupling bit yesterday, we must have one today...possibly the greatest bit from the whole show. The Giggle Loop...because Giggle Stack would sound ridiculous!

(They do not allow that one to be embedded, so you have to go to Youtube. Worth it. I promise.)

So tomorrow I have an interview. I have not had one in...well...almost 1o years. I have not built a resume that has been used in the interview since...since...oh, wait, I NEVER HAVE.

I have had an interesting trip through the work world. Hired at Burgerville during High School.

For the uninitiated...fast food restaurants that request or even acknowledge resumes for grease spatterers are kind of like Ferrari drivers taking out the moped for an important date; it has probably happened some time, some where, but the evidence is buried next to Jimmy Hoffa.

From there I got hired at Ferrell Lumber based on my Dad being a temp driver for them and them needing someone to sweep and do general clean-up.

When TVBS bought the store, i came with it. When TVBS closed, I was on good terms with someone at corporate who got a friend to interview me as a favor who liked me so much he sent me to another guy to interview for a favor. They were not hiring but he interviewed me anyway...and hired me the next day.

So there you have it. I have reached middle age without ever building a quality resume.

Does not mean I do not think I would be a great hire for anyone. I work hard, I learn fast, I do more than my job and never short-change the employer. They always get better than an honest days work for a semi-honest days pay.

So I am a little nervous about the interview. I researched the company and the field. I double checked my list of references (and on a completely unrelated note...Riot Kitty, I listed you as one without asking. Sorry about that...sort of...except I would not have done it if I had any doubt you would mind.)

On the other hand, the worst that can happen is they can say I am not what they are looking for, I keep right on doing what I am doing and looking around.

Which, by the way, is new, too. I generally do not look for another job while I have one.

The best that can happen is I can get hired to a new career where i will be wildly successful, loved by all and soon have my own reality sho....no, I would not wish that last bit on anyone. But the rest is, if a long shot, at least something I can dream about, right?

Wish me luck, peeps.

And RK, I will give you a holler if I get off work at a reasonable time tomorrow.

Peace out, my readers.


Riot Kitty said...

Details, details! I want details!

Riot Kitty said...

PS Of course I will be a reference, silly.

And remind me to tell you about a giggle loop experience I had in a church in England.

Fullur said...

What is the job you are interviewing for?