Sometimes I get a really good idea for a great post. It will be funny, charming, have that touch or warmth and personality that makes me think friends, family, and random strangers might enjoy it enough to feed my bizarre fascination with receiving comments.
The truly sad thing is, I know I could get lots of comments...just do lots of posts about controversial stuff. I could post every day about the twits that evaded security and got into Obamas luncheon and people would comment as long as I used evocative and provocative language.
Or I could write about people who are famous. People writing about the Kardashians...and I neither know nor care if I spelled that right, so do not bother telling me...get lots of comments.
But the topics of morons like them and Paris Hilton and other people's lives bores me to tears.
So I just keep trying to come up with stuff that is neither depressing, repetitive, or pointless.
And sometimes instead I hit writers block, so instead I post random pictures of our dog.

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Riot Kitty said...

Cuuuuuuute! I for one love your blog, Darth.