Best way to blow out your headphones?

My body chemistry has always been goofy when it came to electricity. For example, I cannot wear Citizen watches because they simply do not work.

They add 2 hours or drop 4. I once had one lose 3 days in a 4 hour stretch. I kept sending it in for repair, only to be told it worked perfectly in the shop for weeks. I would wear it for an hour and the time would be way off.

They eventually decided it was because of my body electricity.

No matter, I rarely wear a watch anyway.

But it does make me very aware of my electrical field. And sometimes fearful.

Like, my car. Sometimes it shocks me. For a few months, I almost always closed the door with my foot because I was afraid of getting shocked again if I closed it by hand.

Now for the jump to a completely unrelated story.

At work, one of the joys I derive is listening to my Ipod. I have a rather eclectic mix of sounds on it.

Southern Gospel. Weird Al Yankovich. Eddie Izzard routines. Acappella music. Classic Rock. Alternative. Beyonce. Britney. Christina Aguilera. Paula Abdul. Milli Vanilli. Alien Ant Farm. Michael Jackson. Sir Mix A Lot. Smothers Brothers and Monty Python routines.

And I like to put it on shuffle, so you might get a brass-horn infused, blaring ska song by the O.C. Supertones followed by the rather mellow effect of "Set me Free" by Acapella followed by Eddie Izzard followed by the four part close harmony of Gold City.

The other day, someone installed the shrink wrap upside down on the wrapping machine. I did not think much of it, just made it look funny coming off the machine as the bottom edge curled.

When I tied it off on the pallet, I could feel the static cling of it. Unusual, but not unheard of.

I started the machine, it rolled to the top, I went to wrap the shrink wrap over the top of the pallet....

and looked around to see who through a rock at the side of my head.

IT HURT! My ear was ringing, the headphones were fuzzy.

I should point out, these were not cheap headphones. Since I wear them so often, I actually spent about 40 bucks for some good-quality Sony headphones, and this was about the 4th time I used them since I had just purchased them a couple days prior to being sent home for 5ish weeks under the FMLA.

Well, nobody through a rock.

What happened was the upside down shrink wrap was contacting itself on the rollers, and when I re-contacted it by wrapping it against itself on top of the pallet, the high tension combined with my own ridiculous body chemistry and the I-pod's electrical current to give me a shock so bad that the earphones are ruined and my ear is still ringing and bothering me a week later.

But at least it happened in the way these things normally do....


Riot Kitty said...

This goes with Mr. RK's theory that everyone has their own weird brand of karma - mine being that I never get what I order in restaurants.

Darth Weasel said...

so maybe the secret is to order something you do not want, and then when they get it wrong, it might be right...