Happy Birthday, Goose

Ah, she was just a spring chicken when I married her, a touchdown of years further into her youth than where I sat.

Now 2+ years have gone by. And today she celebrates her birthday.

What magic was in the air that day some (censored) years ago when a happy (read "screaming") baby girl...I would have said young baby girl, but that might have seemed redundant...entered into this vale of tears to make it just a shade less vale-y...and a shade less tear-y.

At, least, for me.

Because yes, even as we celebrate her birthday, I still consider meeting and courting her one of the highlights of my life, one of the true blessings that lets me know that life is wonderful.

So here is hoping it is a wonderful year for her as she furthers her education. Here is hoping I can be the support system I ought. That I can give her strength, encouragement, and happiness.

Happy birthday, Goose. Love you.


Riot Kitty said...

Awwww! Please wish her happy b.day from us, too.

Anonymous said...

Awwww. I just read this. I was too busy while you were here doing "other things" so I didn't get a chance to read. Thanks for visiting babe. It was a great birthday and a great week of darthweaselness. :)