See, the problem is...

I brought books. Lots of them. 7 in total.

Well, okay, 5. I read 2 of them the day I got them from the library.

These were not, for the most part, short books. 350+ pages, most of them.

Unfortunately, I am...well...a fast reader. I finished 1 of them before I landed in Nashville. I finished another the same night. And another the night after, then 2 more.

For those keeping track at home, it is now Wednesday, and I have about 200 pages left on the Peloponnesian War to read.

And that is after the Goose was sweet enough to check out a book for me from Belmont library. First book she has ever checked out, and this is her second go-round.

Fortunately, it was an excellent book on Albert Bender, better known as "Chief" Bender. It investigates the racism he was subjected to as a Native American pitching in the World Series from 1905 through 1914 and even up to his Hall of Fame induction.

329 pages of sometimes funny, sometimes touching, sometimes anger-inducing looks into the things he simply accepted because "that's how it was" and a comparison to his role in reducing racism towards Native Americans to that of Jackie Robinson.

Started reading it about 11 this morning and finished it, including some extensive note-taking for Dreamcatchers about 4 o clock. Not including breaks to ride with the Goose to the hospital so she could pick up charts for "her" patient.

So yeah, since last Thursday I have read almost 2400 hundred pages on subjects ranging from this one to ancient Greece to basketball to poker to the theory of movie making.

Obviously, I love to read.

Just as obviously...I need to figure out how to slow down. Just sayin'

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Riot Kitty said...

I think it's awesome! I read five books during my week off. Love it.