A nap! a nap! My kingdom for a nap!

Strange as it sounds, my job kind of had a bad impact on my first full day out here.

See, I am still stuck on that ridiculous schedule. So I am up until 2,3, even 4 in the morning or later. And that is on PST. Which, by the way, is 2 hours before Nashville which means here I am up until 4,5, maybe 6 in the morning.

But the better half needs to sleep about 10 o'clock here time. 8 o clock our time.

So how do you work it so I can get to sleep 6 - 8 hours prior to the time I am tired enough to sleep?

I am not one of those persons who can just lay down, close my eyes and soon enough drop off to sleep. I need to be quite tired before I can drop off...sleep for me is almost something that only comes when I am overly fatigued, even though I know I need it and want it.

A few years ago I tried sleeping pills. They woke me up.

I have tried physically exhausting myself during the day. All too often it means I am too tired to sleep.

I have tried reading boring tomes. Sadly, my love of history has turned even investigations into the minutiae of early Spartan life into fascinating reading.

I have tried counting sheep. They ran out of sheep before I ran out of numbers.


Stupid job.

Though I guess I could blame Canada instead...

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Riot Kitty said...

You'll get through it - you will get something better with a normal schedule and back on track. My evil grin will make it so!