I have to assume

that I use the most awesome shampoo in the world. There is certainly some evidence to support this theory.

For example, the MPB* spot seems to be staying put, neither expanding its beach head nor receding.

Second, it tastes great. Oh, I do not know this from personal experience, but it seems to be the only explanation.

See, the dog likes to lick it. Like, this morning she stood on my head and licked my hair for like 6 minutes. I would push her away and she would come right back at it, licking furiously.

I am more than a little disturbed by this.

I mean, I know she likes to lick, but usually she goes for other things. Her poop, for example. Dirty, sweaty socks and undergarments. Diapers.

I am not real sure I want a tongue that has been there on my head. Not that I intend to eat off my head, but still...the idea is just...awkward.

Second...is it an indication that my head tastes similar to her favorite treats, mentioned above?

I may never sleep again for fear this thought will keep me awake for all time...

* Male Pattern baldness. Why do they need a pattern?


Riot Kitty said...

Eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww about your dog. This just proves that cats are superior! Once they go in the litter box, they run around in a fit of crazies until it's sifted.

Although, I do remember a certain cat of mine burying his nose in your armpit.

Darth Weasel said...

Yeah, but do they play fetch with you for hours? Do they jump up and down with excitement when you come home? Do they get hurt feelings when you leave and do not take them?

Sorry, even with the problems, dogs still are cooler than catsd :-)

Yeah, I still have that pic here somewhere.