Another huge advantage

First off, Riot Kitty, I meant to email you last week and just got caught up expending a lot of energy elsewhere, so before I Sunday about 1, 1:30 you and Mr. RK want to get together somewhere around Lloyd Center for a bit?

Second, the gist. Sure, there are downsides to my recent habit of attending church in Portland. Have only talked to Dad and my brothers a couple times each in the last couple weeks which is a bummer. But manageable. And other than that, it has been great.

Secondarily, it has provided an immensely larger quantity of time. I actually feel like I have a legit weekend even though it is just about 5ish hours Sunday afternoon but they are pretty full.

Got to play "fetch" with Bella for about an hour and a half this afternoon. Would have been longer but my arm wore out. She is still miffed at me over that one. Probably why she has stolen every sock or other garment of mine she could find and tried to chew them all. Little turkey has a lot of energy.

Which brings us to the point; seeing her pattern of sleeping 2 billion hours a week, eating everything in sight, including things goats would find inedible, she produces more energy than normal beings.

So why can't we as a people do that? Institute a 2 hour work week, require people to sleep about 17 hours a day...I think we are on to something here...

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Riot Kitty said...

Hi! We'd love to, but we're going to be in California (leaving Thursday) for my dad's 60th party, which is actually on Sunday.