This is a milestone of sorts. 1800 pieces of nonsense now dropped from my brain onto this particular blog.

Just think; if all the time I spend on here was spent on the trilogy, all three books would be done.

If all the time I spent on here was spent putting together puzzles...I probably would have knocked myself off by now because they drive me nuts.

If all the time I spent on here was instead spent doing something constructive...I could live in a Lincoln Log house with a Tinker Toy garage.

In truth, I have enjoyed most of the time. I have written some stuff I think is very, very funny. I have written some stuff I think is very, very serious.

I have written some stuff I am not sure even I care about.

I have written stuff that is worth re-reading and other stuff not worth reading in the first place.

1800 times i have sat down to write and saved the effort. 1798 of those can be read by anybody. 2 of them can be read only by me.

And to think...all this was done in an attempt to bring the one-nostril bandit to justice. (funnier if you are familiar with the epic Weird Al song Albuquerque).

Will I be around for another 1800? Hard to say. Lot of effort expended, and while it has mostly been for my own amazement and amusement, there is certainly an element of the entertainer in a lot of the writing, and another element of showing a side of my world that I used to keep very well hidden.

So in the end, I guess the main point is this; 1800 feels like a big number. Looking forward to 2000.


Riot Kitty said...

Well I, for one, believe people like you and I need to blog to vent, and feed the creative juices...and to procrastinate, I guess ;)

Fullur said...

I guess this just goes to show you would like a spanking.