Hey, Snuffleupagus! Get out the way!

Stopped by Winco for a little light shopping. Come out and get my first fun note. I habitually park a fair distance from the doors just so people will not park next to me. Sometimes, such as tonight when my foot was bothering me particularly badly, this is at some personal cost. But I want to protect my vehicle as much as possible, so I do it.

And sure enough, right next to me, with about 40 spots closer to the store, some dude decided that was the perfect spot to park. Whatever.

Then, as I am pulling out of the lot, I see a great sight. A guy and a woman, possibly his mother, possibly his wife...yes, it was that hard to tell...are standing half in the roadway at a 45 degree angle to each other which meant they could not see each other.

And he keeps waving me through as she keeps starting forward with her shopping cart. So if I watch him, I would go just as she darted in front of me. If I watched her, he would get upset because he was waving me through.

This went on long enough that I turned off my car, put on the emergency break and sat there with my arms folded until they crossed the lane to clear a path for me to leave.

Thank you, redneck goonberries, for being so out of touch with each other that you manage to occupy the entire private roadway of Winco. Thank you for that 4 minutes of my life I will never get back. You are so awesome.

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Riot Kitty said...

Redneck goonberries! This, my friend, is why I shop at Trader Joe's. Slightly less annoying people.