"And he advised others not to try the same thing"

Young people are sometimes...well..stupid. They do and say things they might regret at a later time.

This is one reason I always thought the inquisition of William Clinton was churlish and pointless. Did he partake of marijuana while a college student at a time when significant portions of the population were doing the same?

Much like "And?" is the correct answer to accusations of politicians doing wrong, the correct answer was not, "I did not inhale" but rather, "I did many things in my youth that age and wisdom have led me to a point where I would not repeat those actions."

For example, what if you were the guy who mooned a train, got your pants stuck, got dragged 200 feet, arrested, charged, and will face fines and lawsuits for coin of the realm far beyond what you are likely to possess..what would you do?

"...he advised others not to try the same thing..."

Really? That is shocking advice...

Oh, speaking of advice....if you go to that link, watch your eyes.

Guess I should have told you sooner...


Riot Kitty said...

LOL! He advised others not to do the same thing! I'm just going to avoid the link, the description is enough.

Fullur said...

This is what gets me: "The man - unharmed except for cuts and bruises - now faces charges of dangerous interference in rail transport, insulting the train staff..." Insulting the train staff is a crime of a serious enough nature that you are "charged" with it? Wow! Reminds me of the (I think) misdemeanor offense of "inconsiderate driving" in the UK where you can be charged for intentionally driving so that you splash puddle water on people.