As I was pondering...

Fresh off my commentary on the vagaries of history, it seems a good time to point out the inherent nonsense of some complaints.

For example, if you were homeless, someone provided you an opportunity to have an apartment paid for in your behalf for an entire year and you somehow managed to win the contest, would that not seem like a good thing?

Now, logically speaking, paying for lodging for a homeless person for an entire year can be quite expensive. It is not easy to accomplish.

It is a good thing, however.

Unless, of course, it is in a "Miss Homeless Contest", in which case while you are celebrating the fact that the next year of your life will be a chance to get back on your feet, other people are complaining about the contest.

Now, I am not going to come down very hard on the people who put on the contest. I will, however, say this to those complaining about it; exactly how many women have YOU taken off the street for a year?

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Riot Kitty said...

I'm going to have to remember to check out this Ananova site more often - all kinds of bizarre stuff.