I know I have been writing about Bella an awful lot lately...but there might be a reason for that.
She might not be in the picture above, but she is pretty much like family to me. When I get home she goes all Barky McBark-bark on me, jumping up and down with excitement.
She has such a goofy jump...she pseudo-stands on her hind legs, curls her front paws down, and straight-leg jumps sort of straight up while leaning forward. I am pretty sure it defies all the laws of physics and half the laws of Mormonism.
It also makes me feel really good. When I come strolling in at 3:30 in the morning and she is still so happy to see me, that is a great feeling.
When we play ball for a half hour or hour in the afternoon before I go to work and play our little head games within the fetch game, it is great.
She never asks much...a little petting and she would purr if she could. A little food and she is as happy as can be.
Not that she is low maintenance...fail to give her attention at your own peril. She will not stand for that. She demands attention. She demands love and affection. Even if you give it, she might chew all your socks...but then it is out of love instead of vengeance.
Basically, in a life full of bright spots from talking with the Goose to talking to Jr. Woodchuckette to talking to Fullur, she is another bright shining one... and one I am blessed to see every day.
Even as I type this she is on my lap, licking my hand and insisting I play with her, making it hard to type. But she is worth it.
Long live Bella.

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