I guess just updates...

Lets see, where to start:

Grandma is unconscious (and probably will be until her life "officially" ends) and "resting comfortably". How, exactly, you can be comfortable with a fever over 100, no ability to speak or swallow, and no comprehension of who is in the room is unclear to me at this time. I will have to get back to you on that one.

D.A. is going through chemotherapy. She is still strong enough to do stuff between treatments, but has lost her hair and knows the "rough times" are coming. I grieve for what she and her family must go through and hope I can be the friend to them that they were to my brothers, sisters, and parents when we went through it. Much love to you, D.A, J.A., and kids.

My sis is in good/bad shape. Multiple physical therapy sessions every week. Her job, being with a small company that could not survive the loss of a person for several months at a minimum and an indeterminate amount of time, no longer is there for her. Her daughter is still spending most of the time with her estranged husband.

In some ways, I think this one is the worst. In many ways, her life is in complete disarray. We do not talk as much as we used to, though not for lack of trying on my part.

With the others, they are in their situations through circumstances beyond their control. With her, certainly the job/accident are beyond her control, but some of the other issues are somewhat self-inflicted and also rely heavily on the things she learned from Sue.

Not that I love her any less or differently. This is simply an acknowledgment of a sad truth.

Okay, now that I have depressed us all...I will try to come up with something witty for tomorrow. Which might be hard...in about an hour, I am taking the Goose to the airport, she will be gone for a few days to her family reunion.

Sad face.

On the bright side, hopefully soon I will be able to put on the web some musical work I have done recently. So there is something to terrify you and rob you of sleep...


Riot Kitty said...

Hey, I'm sorry about all of this. Are you saying D's job laid her off? Because that would be illegal.

pheromone girl said...

Reaching out, although I know there's nothing I can really do, to say hi. Sorry for the big pile of stuff to dig through.

I'm very, very touched that you'll be missing your wife. Being missed and missing someone is a good feeling - sad but happy all at once.