An Addendum to the last post:

Just an example of the sense of humor in our family. One person sent out an e-mail update on Grandma and talked about the wonderful ways some of the people have helped, particularly in the last few years when at least two people, the aforementioned daughter and granddaughter, who basically gave up any semblance of a normal life for themself in order to care for Grandma so she could stay home.

At the close of his email, he wrote:

The good looking brother and moms favorite
To which today we got a long reply from the daughter explaining how much help other people had been and why she did not deserve credit. And here was her sign-off:

As far as being mom's favorite; She happily had one kid after another until you came a long & she didn't dare have anymore after getting stuck with you! You are what is known as "The Cure."


Riot Kitty said...

LOL! I love it! People in my family THINK those things, but if we said them, well, there would be some blank stares.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of replying and saying, "In your family, being the good-looking brother isn't really saying much". Ha! Am I evil?