Needless to say II

Yesterday I sat down to write a hopefully entertaining, laugh-inducing post about people saying, "Needless to say" and then saying what was needless to say...that ironically is actually quite needed to say or nobody will "get" what is being said.

Needless to say, it did not go as planned. Instead of being a hysterical laugh riot replete with spork jokes it meandered into another indictment of the voting patterns that have given us parties so involved in getting over on the other party that they forget to actually represent the people.

Today I lost my sense of humor. I sat down to rectify the ill-spent moments of yesterday. But you know what I mean, right?

Is there a more incorrect phrase in the English language than that one? The odds are when someone says, "You know what I mean" or "You know where I am going with this" that you really have no idea what they mean or what their idea of a logical outcome is.

It reminds me of a judge who advertised himself out of my vote yesterday. First off, when I sit down to watch a basketball game, I want to be entertained, not gabbled at about your political ambitions. And yes, being a judge in Oregon is a political ambition. Not as political as the Supreme Court, needless to say, but very political nonetheless.

Second, when you go to great pains to explain how you took "extremely complex problems" and solved them with "simple common sense" know where I am going with this, needless to say.

Well, actually you don't. Needless to say it is needed to say the portion that was needless to say when I thought you knew where I was going with it but is now needed to say since I know you did not know where I was going.

Wannabe judge, as do most if not all politicians, lied in his campaign ad. However, unlike many politicians, he was honest enough to admit th lie within the same sentence to those with an IQ above...what, 50?and the willingness to put in a tiny bit of critical thinking.

If a problem can be solved with "simple common sense" then it is not, in fact, extremely complex. In fact it is mind-numbingly simple.

Particularly in light of the following common-sense observation which I will express despite its status as being needless o say;

One person's common sense is another person's mind-numbingly wrong call.

Take Obamacare for example. I am stunned that anyone who professes to believe the Bible with its admonitions to "love your neighbor (read "enemy" if you know the accompanying parable)" and "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" would be against the expressed purpose of Obamacare to ensure that everyone have access to health care, even at the freedom-costing requirement to have it even if you do not want it.

It is pure common sense to sacrifice of myself for the good of others if I follow Scriptural principals, thus everyone should be behind Obamacare.

But then the just as valid other common sense kicks in: even extremist left-wingers from Berkely, David Gramage, rail against the way it will financially penalize a large percentage of middle-class, to the point where it makes more sense to take a lower paying part time job than a higher paying full time job because they more than make up for it in extra subsidies.

And even further common sense; when any companies know you are legally required to purchase their product are they going to A) lower prices and B) improve the product or are they going to do the legal least knowing their profits are guaranteed and there is no way around it?

Furthermore, the presence of abuses of welfare, social security, unemployment laws and other "entitlements" leads to many people not working who could. There is something that raises hackles when you see someone on welfare with premium cable, tastier food than you have, free healthcare, rent assistance and know they have chosen not to work. After all, it is ALSO Scripture that "If a man will not work, do not let him eat".

So suddenly the "common sense" that Obamacare is a good thing is dead wrong and the common sense that Obamacare is dead wrong is completely right.

Common sense does not always exist.

So did you know that was where I was going with that? Needless to say...well, you know where I am going with this statement.

And I have missed the funny mark again. I have no funniness in my life anymore. Sigh. I would write a hysterically funny, laugh out loud post about pig piggy banks, but needless to say you already know where I am going with that so I will save the electronic ink.

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Riot Kitty said...

What is interesting to me is that the people who are demonizing this are largely forgetting that the most controversial part (one I am not comfortable with at all), the individual mandate, was an idea that came out of The Heritage Foundation - a conservative think tank.