I ask you to spread the word about LA Fitness

Last June I signed up as a member at Ballys. It was a very good deal.

Here is what was promised;
1) Purchase 2 years, get a third year free
2) Unlimited access to all clubs
3) All amenities at each facility are included.

I have enjoyed my time there. I have learned to build a workout routine on the weights. I have shot baskets. And, as of last Thursday, I started playing racquetball.

Something else happened Thursday. When I went into the club Thursday, they were changing out memberships to LA Fitness because that organization purchased Ballys. They promised that all the Ballys things were transferring over.

Ok, fine, no problem, I am fine with that. I get what was promised and paid for.

They were having a hard time finding me in their system, so today I went in to change it over, which I had to do at LA Fitness.

And they told me of a few changes.
1) They are NOT honoring the free year.
2) I now have access to one club.
3) They charge an extra 10 dollars per month to use the racquetball courts.

So now the cost of my basic membership increased by 34% for fewer clubs and fewer amenities. If I want to continue to play racquetball, it will cost me an additional 30%. And they are trying to convince me that is fair.

Lets do the math. I paid about 399 dollars to use all facilities for 3 years. I am now paying 399 dollars to use most of one facility for 2 years.

Instead of $11 per month for full access....which is what I was promised and paid for...I am now at 16.63/month for fewer locations and, if I want full access, that price rises to 26.63 a month.

It is not fair, it is theft. They are not delivering what was promised and paid for.

What is that awesome, somewhat cleaned up phrase people like? "Don't urinate on me and tell me it is raining."

Don't deliver less than promised and paid for and say it is "so it is fair for everyone". Let me tell you what is fair; deliver the services contracted initially.

So I ask anybody who can to spread the word about the disingenuous practices being engaged in by LA Fitness.

And I can assure you if this is not rectified, they will never see another penny of mine when this membership runs out. I am happy to report my membership was paid in full, so Ballys already got that money. The only money LA Fitness might see is if I find enough racquetball partners to ensure a couple games a week in which case I will try to split the fee with them.

No point cutting off my nose to spite my face.

But every time I walk in that door, I know I will be bitter about them taking away what I paid for and trying to convince me it was a good thing.

A bitter taste like that will last a life time.


Anonymous said...

Please keep your head up. LA fitness might be assholes but you are worth it! You are enjoying the gym and racquetball, and we can spare some change a month to keep you happy. -Goose

Riot Kitty said...

Well that sucks. I never understand why, when businesses buy other businesses, consumers don't get what they were promised originally. I also don't get why businesses think fucking the consumers will ultimately keep them in business.

G said...

About the only business that can get away with doing that is the guv'ment. Ours went through a consolidation and with some agencies they went from being really good for the public to being paper tigers.