A Major move

I do not like change. I have sometimes stuck myself in bad situations because I disliked change...like staying with a woman who repeatedly cheated on me. Common sense says that is good change...but I do not like change, so stayed with her.

I only left my first long-term job when they went under. I had chances to leave, just never wanted the change. I like security, the comfort of the familiar.

But sometimes change comes whether we like it or not. That time has come for me.

I have long had reason to leave where I am job-wise and never done anything about it. You probably know I am still bitter about the outright theft when they did not pay me commission that was promised because the new guy did not feel compelled to honor the agreement I had in place.

Which was the second worst thing they had done to me in a four month span.

But I stayed. Because I do not like change.

Which makes it all the more surprising that by the time you read this, I will have made a major, major change. It is not on the level of marrying the world's most awesome wife, which I was privileged to do 7/7/7. It is not on the level of having children, which I have not done yet. But to me, it is HUGE.

I accepted a job with a different company. For the first time ever I am deliberately leaving a job that, despite the issues, I like with people I like.

I do not know anybody else who would have even hesitated to snap this one up, but I have such a hard time with change I hesitated, crossed the "t"s, dotted the "i"s, talked to the wife, thought some more...

And I cannot express how excited I am about this job. It is a job I know I will be great at. they will love me. they will be amazed at my efficiency, ability to multitask. I will love doing the job.

Weird how much I feel change. But this is a good day...kind of like an early 40th birthday present to myself.


Anonymous said...

YAY!!!!!!!! You will do great!- EB

kev said...

That's fantastic. I"m super happy for you!

G said...

Congrats on making the move to restore your inner chi.

I agree, change is tough, but sometimes changing scenary is just the thing needed to create a new you.

Okay, that sounded cliched, but the sentiment is the same.

Darth Weasel said...

chanks for the kind words. I thought it was pretty awesome that the guy who did not want to honor the agreements previously in place spent several minutes praising the job I have done there and talking about the big hole that will be left...

Makes me feel better about my decision to leave in a classy way. For over a year I gave serious thought to doing otherwise, and in the end, that just was not and is not me.

I will be great for them to my last second on the job, then be great at the new place. Cause that is how I biscuit...err, roll

Riot Kitty said...

Congrats once again! They are lucky to have you.

hapi said...

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Scribe said...

Happy early birthday, Darth! What a wonderful present to give to yourself. Sometimes making the change before life makes that change for you is well worth leaving the comfort zone. Congrats for taking the plunge!