We hang by a thread

My uncle went into the hospital this Saturday past.

I should clarify...another uncle. Dad being one of 8 and being the second youngest at 66, you know there will be a few of them passing away in the near future. An Aunt and Uncle did so in the last year, maybe year and a half. And they were two of the healthier looking ones.

It is a natural part of life. You are born, you live x number of years, you die. Some, like Grandpa, will go peacefully in their sleep. Others will go screaming in terror...like his passengers did.*

Anyway, those of us in the family who are religious...which is the vast majority...spent more than our fair share of time praying. Those who believe he is right with God for peace and no suffering, those who believe otherwise that he might have a chance to get right.

It was serious, and he was not expected to come out.

Funny thing is, they did not take him to his "normal" hospital. And the hospital they DID take him to did not have his wishes on file. His wishes were explicit and clear. He did not want to be resuscitated.

Because he was not at the hospital where those wishes are, doctors did what doctors do. They resuscitated him. Multiple times, if the story I am told is correct.

And he is home today.

I really am not sure what I am saying with this little story. Had he been where he would normally be, i would be making plans to attend the funeral of yet another loved one.Instead, I am blessed with him having one more day of life.

More to the point, his brothers and sisters can say what they need to say to him. Because they will always be closer to him than I can be. And that is how it should be.

As the years progress and our family shrinks, who knows which of us will pass first and which will live surprisingly long, healthy lives?

I just hope we make the most of it. And share a lot of love with our family and friends in the meantime.

And yes..if I know you and you are in the hospital with your life on the line, you can rest assured that regardless of your beliefs, I will be true to mind and pray that God has mercy on you, whether you are a believer or not. I surely hope He has mercy on me.

*Yes, that is a stolen joke. I still think it is funny.


Riot Kitty said...

Well that's a mixed bag, seeing as how he did not want to come out of it. Prayers with your family.

Scribe said...

I'm glad your uncle got another day for you to tell him how much he means to all of you. I've had that chance it meant so much. I now don't hesitate to tell my loved ones every day.

Oh, and while the joke was stolen, I still had the LOL moment. :)

Darth Weasel said...

RK, he is glad he came out...I just thought it was funny and ironic to not want those meaures, then be glad to have had them.

Scribe, glad I could make you laugh. Yes, fortunately we are a close family so that opportunity will assuredly be taken