Excerpt of interest

(the following is one idea for part of the climax of a book I am working on that is a mixture of Western and sword and sorcery. Just thought you might be briefly amused)

Kersey quivered with rage as he picked himself up from the dust. Stranger had no right to treat him this way. His hand went to his hip as he rose.

Stranger laughed contemptuously. "What are you going to do, boy? Shoot me with your accounting wand?

He took two quick steps forward, bringing him chest to chest with Kersey. He reached down and jerked the accounting wand free of its sheath, breaking it in two and tossing it aside. He drew his left hand lighting wand and shoved it into the sheat, then took three quick steps backwards.

"Now you have a real, live adult wand. Go ahead, pull it."

Kerseys' mind flitted back to that fateful night so long ago when Stranger had shot Telfair down in a Wizards duel, only to be arrested by Sir Robert immediately after for the murder of Old Mand Wesson. Since then the bodies had piled up.

For the longest time they had all thought Stranger was the murderer until the truth came to light. Had Kersey not stolen Telfair's lightning wand after he had been killed, he would not have been out practicing in secret and seen the real murderer.

Yet after all that, after he cleared Stranger's name, he still found himself alone in the street facing his mentor and foe. It was a battle he could not hope to win.

Stranger had been here before. He was perhaps the fastest wizard with a wand the world had ever seen. Kersey had never used a lightning wand in anger. His sheath rode pitiably high on his hip,making it all but impossible to get his wand out in time. Stranger would kill him before he got the wand into action.

Or would he? He thought again of those tense moments. Stranger had let Telfair get off two lightning bolts before killing him. He had hesitated that split second to ensure everyone knew it was self defense. Was it a habit or just an off day?

Kersey licked his lips which were dry and cracked even as rivulets of sweat dripped down his forehead. He clawed his hand over the sheath.

"I think I will rearrange my wand before we have it out."

Stranger nodded. "Suit yourself. Your best move is to let it drop to the street, go back to your store and stay out of the business of your betters. I like you kid, but if you draw on me, I will kill you. Be smart. Drop it and go home."

Kersey felt his nerve returning. He had the edge. Even Stranger did not know of the countless hours he had spent practicing with the lightning wand. Stranger may not have killed all the others, but he had killed Sir Robert. That was enough for Kersey. He would have his vengeance or die trying.

As he finished tying the sheath low on his hip in imitation of how Stranger wore his, he saw Sandy from the corner of his eye. She was pale and drawn but said nothing to dissuade him from his course of action. He slightly tilted his head, acknowledging her, then turned his attention back to Stranger.

"You shouldn't have killed Sir Robert."

His hand flashed for his wand, but Stranger's was faster. Kersey shuddered as he saw the wand come up. He did the only thing he could think of. He spoke Strangers's name.

"Goodbye, Pettit."

The shock through off Pettit's aim just enough. His wand shot forth lightning which struck kersey in the shoulder, bringing the now familiar smell of burnt flesh to his nostrils. It knocked his own aim askew, yet still his lightning wand, honed by hours of practice, spoke true enough. Lighting belched forth, driving deep into the chest of Stranger, or Pettit as Kersey knew him, knocking the big, hard, cold man down.

Kersey started to relax, to check out his own wound when he heard a scream. Pettit was sitting up, his lightning wand coming level with Kersey. And this time he had no surprises left.


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