There is just one word to describe today:Epic Fail

I actually thought that was a pretty funny joke.

Until I saw the responses.

"Why, what happened?"

"Not sure what to say. Did you get fired?"



It is well known that when you have to explain jokes, they are less funny. Or, arguably, not funny at all. But whatever, here you go.

The phrase "There is just one word to describe this day" indicates that following the mis-placed colon (if memory serves, that should actually be a semi-colon. Sadly...I do not care enough to go back and fix it, though I do care enough to type all this explaining I do not care. Which may be a funnier joke than the one in the header, apparently.) will be but a single, solitary word expressing inexpressible feelings.

Instead, I used two words.

Which is itself a "fail" thus making it an "epic fail" in and of itself.


I remember when I used to be funny.

It must be everyone else suffering from memory failure.


Holland said...

Your explanation is epic by itself and certainly no fail at all. LOL

Riot Kitty said...

I agree!