A fascinating reaction to an officer shot

As a general rule I am not a big fan of law enforcement. I find them, as a rule, to be hypocrites more likely to break the law than enforce it, willing to break rules to get their way in prosecuting people, some of whom deserve it, others who do not.

Generally when I hear of an officer injured in the line of duty, my natural reaction is "another criminal off the streets. Excellent."

Today I hear about a shooting in Ranier, Oregon, in which a police officer was shot. Now, there are exactly one police officers I personally know and that one works in Ranier.

And I was worried.

I worked with his dad for years at a lumberyard. I considered his brother a friend and had a very interesting trip trying to help him by taking him to the VA hospital to try and get clean from drugs...

A trip in which I stood between Manuel and the woman he was convinced was aiming rays at him through the car seat because I was not going to allow this slender guy to harm this woman...and later that night he bent two steel security doors. I am fortunate he did not go through me to get at her.

The point being, I have a history with this family. There is one officer I respect as a human being and as an officer.

He has the same name as his Dad, Ralph Painter.

It saddens me that my initial, foundless fears were proved true. Ralph was the man shot and killed.

I have not talked to Ralph for several years. But I would still consider him a friend. I am saddened by his senseless death. I agree wholeheartedly with the comments of Mayor Cole.

When you discuss good men, men who are thoughtful, compassionate, willing to help others, Ralph is...was...certainly one who came to mind.

I grieve for his loved ones.

The fascinating thing...again, I have not spoken to Ralph for probably ten years but I still find sadness in the way he passed.

Vengeance is not for me and it is not for me to wish ill on another person...but I cannot help thinking it would not be the worst event in history if his murderer were to catch an infection that lingered for months, causing him untold agony before he dies.

Which means, the way this world often works, he will experience little pain, a slick lawyer will get him out of jail time and he will win some ridiculous lawsuit against Ranier.

Whatever happens, the world is a little worse today for losing Ralph Painter Jr.


Riot Kitty said...

That is just horrible. I'm so sorry.

Just because we haven't talked to someone for awhile doesn't mean we can't grieve when they are taken from us too early.

Holland said...

I am so sorry. I agree with RK, it doesn't matter how long you haven't seen someone, the grieve you feel is still real. I wish his family all the best.

Space Monkey said...

I had to have some time to respond to this,because of my emotions. This bit lenthy.

Ralph was a dear friend, he had a way of making everyone feel speical, because he was so personal in Uniform and out.

I grew up in Rainier and Ralph had such huge impact on my life, not professionally of coarse :-).

He was a real peace officer, and cared very much towards the youth. Many officers came to my Grade school, for talks. I always looked forward to these visits as a child. Ralph of coarse had a way to give a tough love approch, wich is dispised by many. People didn't get of easy, yet he had a way to challenge people to do better, because of this approch I know several peeps not part of the system. Even though I wasn't interested in life of crime, Ralph somehow sunk something else in me. I was careful driver and I never wanted to disappoint Ralph, even almost 20 years later. He was the first to ever pull me over when I was 17, I forgot to turn on my headlights after leaving the gas station in Rainier. I felt I let him down some way. He just said understood what happened and he asked me to pay atteion to the little things they can spare your life.

When I was still a teen I always looked forward to seeing him in town as I got off late from work. I would pull over where he was watching traffic. He said when I turned 21 he said if I was interested in riding shot gun with him, he could use the company. I know he made all feel special like that.

For past few years I would do a Fixed Bus Route into Rainier we always saw each other passing by, you could still see his delight in people in his eyes. even through the Lawmans stoic look. My last words where when he was at our transit stop. I let him know how I appreciated him and of coarse he responded how he apprectated C.C. Rider and the service we provided to the community now go "Drive Safe"

He really was a tender man, great loss to so many. Few Officers I know had that kind impact on people.