Mission Accomplished

I do not set a whole lot of goals. I kind of float through life, seeing what happens, taking it as it comes.

I do not get too excited about most accomplishments.

I do not get too discouraged about unmanaged accomplishments.

I just...exist.

I guess.

But I did have a goal I set out to do this past year...multiple read-throughs from Genesis to Revelation, reading the entire Bible in the sequential order tradition has placed it in.

I had until December 28th to complete the task by my arbitrary, self-imposed deadline.

I finished it tonight...21 days early.

In discussing it with a respected member of the faith, his query was, "Did you see a lot of things in a new light?"

Well, yes...and no. It actually more reconfirmed for me the things I already hold dear and strive for, acting as that reminder Peter was anxious to perform while living according to his writings...

But there were a few things. The first time through I took note of how brutal David was to his enemies. The second time I picked up on some subtleties of his brutality, for example.

It also allowed me to more closely tie together certain patterns between the history of Israel and God's chosen people, even today when being His chosen takes the form of being part of His church.

And it inspired me.

I actually have a goal for 2011, which is to blog heavily on the designated blog for it. I hope I get many comments, both from people who agree and those who do not, with the things I will highlight there.

So yeah, one goal down, one set. Pretty good evening.


G said...

Hey Darth, if you're interested, I have a friend who talks about religion and science on his blog, from the viewpoint of being a former Christian.

It might not be your cup of tea, but his addy is www.cosmicsnark.com (you'll also find a link to it in my profile as well)

Riot Kitty said...

Reaching goals is always a good thing!