When you wish upon a star

Celebrity is these modern days is a most interesting thing.

It comes and goes in a flash, it clings to people with no visible worth and flees from some who are worthy.

Wastes of space and flesh like the Kardashians...I would apologize for mis-spelling their name if I (hopefully) did...except I really do not care.

As near as I can tell, their fame is because they are famous.

People get lost in following the everyday humdrum of their lives when they are, as near as I can tell from the snippets I have been subjected to, as close to completely worthless human beings as there are on the planet today.

Selfish, self absorbed, self-centered, either unwilling or unable to care for or about anybody but themselves, they occupy magazine space, tv space, radio time...

Not that they are the only...or even worst...offenders.

John and Kate whatever their last names are or were or will be...who, because they had multiple children at one time, people feasted on following these losers, celebrating their every move and TAKING SIDES as if what the tv shows portrayed had anything to do with reality.

Which kind of sort of brings me to the point of all this.

I cannot stand Keith Olbermann. He is obnoxious, brash, and the opinions of his I have heard are flat out wrong. I cannot think of a single thing I like about him.

With that said...shame on his network...MSNBC or CNN or CBS or Fox or whoever it is...for suspending him for donating to a political party.

In a world in which unions forcibly take dues from oft unwilling members to support parties said members often dislike...that is ridiculous.

In a world in which voters are apparently swayed by seeing bumper stickers with names on them...that is ridiculous.

In a world in which hearing a pop song apparently makes or breaks political conventions and/or campaigns...that is ridiculous.

Yes, I get that he "broke" company rules. I have all my worldly assets that say he is not the only one in that organization to do so. He just happens to be the one who somehow got publicly caught.

Face it...we all know he is not exactly secret about his views. I do not know anyone who does not know of and recognize his very obvious bias. He is a left wing nut job out of touch with many of us who have ethics, morals, brains...but in this country, he has the right to be that person.

And to say he cannot take his personal assets and use them to try and further his agenda is outlandish.

It has been a long, long time since there was any news source in this country that had anything remotely approaching unbiased, fair, or balanced. They all have agendas, they all push them, and everyone on each end of the spectrum spews vitriol about the "news" sources that do not share their own agenda and how biased they are.

It is true..they are biased. Every one of them. I have yet to see an exception. Some hide it better than others...but not so well they cannot be seen by those of us paying attention.

So I guess I sort of lied above.

There is one thing about that tool I do not hate. At least he is willing to put his money where his mouth is. And to be punished for that and have to "apologize"...well, first off, that apology was as heartfelt as me saying I think Obama is one of the greatest presidents in history.

But I do respect it is not mere rhetoric with him...he believes the drivel he spouts enough to donate to the cause. That at least is taking the earnings of star power and doing something with them.

Too bad more stars do not do more of that and less spouting off, demonstrating just how banal the vast majority of them really are.


Riot Kitty said...

Hey, at least the election is over and we don't have to hear any more political ads!

Anonymous said...

You post seemed biased. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL...like my good english too. :) -Goose

Anonymous said...

Mother Kardashian is a professional trophy wife. The family's celeb status exists solely to get the daughters attached to bigger and better husbands so that they may too become trophy wives.

For this Keith guy, it's my understanding that he needs to be seen as having journalistic integrity regardless of whether or not he has it.

Darth Weasel said...

RK...agreed. Though I must say...for those who think the modern ads are tomm combative...go read some of the stuff Burr and Hamilton wrote. Or Andrew jackson.

Not that I am for it...not. But it has been worse.

Goose, I am extremely biased. Your know that, English prof.

WIGSF to be a trophy wife, don't you have to be...I dunno, attractive? I mean, I could pull it off...but Mama K? Eh...

As for appearances...most of them do not even try to hide it anymore. they take their bias as a badge of honor. Sad, but true

Riot Kitty said...

Well I have to say, having a candidate for Senate take out a TV ad saying, "I'm not a witch!" was a new one for sure.

I've never seen a picture of the Kardashian (sp?) mom. I just know she is married to Bruce Jenner, who has always had terrible hairplugs. (Note to self: are there good hairplugs?)