The election is upon us

If our country has demonstrated just one thing in its history, it is that the party system is a truly horrific development that truly represents a very small part of the population.

This is one reason groups such as the Green party, Constitution party, Progressive party, Work for Families, Libertarians, Tea party, and other groups gain so much traction.

Because they threaten the status quo of people in power, they are loudly and often declared "fringe parties", though they combine to more accurately represent either "major" party...but do not have decades of history and billions of dollars backing them up.

Not that I am for parliamentary systems, either. In fact, if I had my way parties would be illegal. People would actually think for themselves, advertise what they themself believed, and vote for the good of their constituents without having party members pressure them to toe the party line.

If there are two things our history has seen fit to demonstrate, the second would be the best possible outcome for this election would be one or preferably both halfs of the Senate become Republican dominated.

Not because they are any better than the Democrats...they are just as bad.

More because when one party holds both halves of the house and the Presidency, they enact legislation that has long-reaching, devastating horrible effects.

When the President is Democrat, the Senate should be republican and when the President is Republican, the Senate should be Democrat.

This keeps the major parties from enacting their ideologies which people like me find to be fringe or, more commonly called, left wing or right wing.

What I cannot figure out is how Oregon, with an economy a hundred miles under the toilet, with serious, serious issues facing the state, keeps re-elect tools like Wyden, Wu, and DeFazio.

I find it incredibly hard to believe anyone finds these destructive forces the best available option. Same definitely is true of the last few governors we have been subjected to.

I am sure that, as usual, not one candidate who was gifted with my vote will be elected. But at the end of the election, I can honestly say I did not vote for the lesser of two evils, that my candidate barely represents me.

Because my votes went to people I believe in, people who represent ME, who I believe are not harmful to the country.

I wish more people could say the same.

A vote for a major party candidate is a wasted vote. Enough said.


G said...

We have a "Work for Families" party out here. Problem is, they're just a shill for the Democratic party as they never put up candidates of their own but simply cross endorse Democrats so that the particular candidate in question has an extra line to play with.

Riot Kitty said...

Oddly enough, I noticed when filling in my ballot that both the Ds and Rs had candidates that simultaneously ran as Independents (both parties), Constitution Party (Republicans) and Working Families Party candidates (Democrats.) Um, what happened to, "circle one"?