Open letter to the Democrat Party ad hypocrites Don't worry, Republicans, your turn is coming)

Hey you idiots.

Just thought I would be clear about the tone this post will take.

It is no secret I have voted for no major party candidate in many, many years. I refuse to accept "the lesser of two evils" as it is often portrayed. If someone does not represent me, I do not vote for him simply because the other guy represents me less. Or because he belongs to one party instead of the other.

I do research the candidates and issues for the things that matter to me. And I usually vote for someone who probably has no realistic chance of winning...but who at least represents me.

So I do not always know which party a candidate belongs to when their commercials come on.

So when listening to an ad in the background, I was already hating whoever put the ad on.

They talk about some yutz unlikely to get my vote who used to work for a bank and who wants to 'privatize social security, giving all that money to Wall Street".

That would be the same Wall Street oft castigated for being the rich and wealthy, by the way. The Wall Street that, despite two major crashes in less than 80 years, is generally considered the wisest financial managers in the world today, who know how to make money.

Of course, the thing often missed in this is most of the money on Wall Street seems to come from 401ks, mutual funds, etc. of people who would more closely resemble the fabled "middle class" than anything...but that is a complete aside pointing out one of the oft ignored aspects of life.

So Wall Street, the most experienced, most successful institution...which is not, in fact, an institution but a general phrase referring to people engaging in trading stocks and bonds? managing and making money outside of the insurance scams, is considered a threat if social security funds are sent there?

You cannot have it both cannot attack Wall Street as "the fat cats" and "the super rich" and similar derogatives and simultaneously complain that someone wants to risk funds by sending them there via privatizing the unConstitutional process of Social Security, an evil inflicted on us by the still worst president in history, FDR.

Your ridiculous, hypocritical attack is almost enough to make me vote for your opponent, just to keep !@#$%^&* like that from hitting my eardrums again.

To whoever came up with that ad...I can only hope you receive your comeuppance very loud, painful, and promptly. You are an idiot and I hope you fail in everything you attempt.*

*The thoughts in this sentence also apply to both whoever came up with the for and against Bruce Starr, alleged or real ethics violator commercials. By definition, being in politics means you are an ethics violator. Pot, meet kettle.


Ninja edit: the point, stated succinctly; you cannot argue they are evil because they are successful at making money while simultaneously worrying about sending money to them because they will lose it.

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Riot Kitty said...

I hate politics, and just about everyone in them, regardless of party. There are just some I dislike more than others.