Seems like all I do these days is thank people...

Next up on the list: Mr. Riot Kitty, who came by last night for a visit and also, while there, fixed the mess I had made of the bike chain.

In some ways, I am extremely jealous. I always wanted to be "that guy" who could build/repair/design anything.

Like Grandpa...he could lay cement (and did so for my Mom's Dad just because it was his son's wife's charge...)and for a local church long after he retired from working in the industry.

He also fixed cars, bikes, built a fence in solid rock (including using some dynamite) and just generally knew everything about everything.

I have watched my younger brothers fix windows/bikes/computers with skills I can only gawk in amazement at.

At the far end of the spectrum are people like me to whom the simple task of putting a "quick-release tire" onto a bike...a task it took Mr. Riot Kitty roughly 10 seconds to accomplish...was one that I spent about 4 hours on, never accomplished, but did manage to screw up the bike chain.

When it comes to mechanical ineptitude, I set new standards. I climb mountains of incompetence.

Which, on the bright side, is something many friends and family do not do.

So let me say once again...thanks for all your help

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Riot Kitty said...

I'm right with you on wishing for mechanical talent.

One of the most humbling moments of my life: I'm building lego stuff with the kids I'm babysitting in college. I'm 19, they are 4 and 7 and totally kicking my ass. The 7-year-old says, "You're just not very mechanically inclined, are you?"

He just graduated from college (!) and is a computer engineer.