What the...huh?

There are certain things which have never made sense to me.

For example...pulled into a service station to get fuel yesterday. Now, those of you in the disabled community...do not get mad at me for this...

But I used the Handicapped Gas Pump.

What in the world is the difference between a Handicap Gas Pump and a normal one?

It is not like a fast food restaurant where the special table has a space for the wheelchair. That actually makes sense and is a good and valuable service provided.

It is not like the sections at sporting venues to provide wheelchairs space and sight lines. Those are good uses of the space and a valuable service provided.

But a gas pump different from the other pumps solely by slapping a blue sticker on it? Seriously...what is the point?


G said...

Well, to explain from a Connecticut perspective, most (if not all) gas stations are self serve, and most (if not all) attendants remain inside for the duration of your visit. Safety reasons doncha know.

A handicap sticker on the pump means that if you were handicapped and pulled up to that pump, you would honk the horn and the attendant is supposed to come out and pump your gas for you.

Riot Kitty said...

I don't get it because in Oregon, we can't pump our own gas...

I've also never understood the purpose of braille at the drive-through ATMs!