Doomed to never attend...

It is no secret I am a big Blazer fan. Still have half-season tickets after having full season for two and partial for one other.

And one thing I have planned to do every year is go to Fan Fest.

For those who do not know what it is, it is a chance to go to the first "open" scrimmage showcasing the new team. You get to sit courtside if you get there early that are normally hundreds of dollars...for free.

You get up close and personal with the players like you normally never get to. You get to see parts of the Rose Garden that are otherwise all but off limits.

It is a very cool experience.

At least, I assume it is. You see...I have never been. Something comes up every year.

One year we had a family thing.

One year it was on a Sunday and I was at church.

One year it...I do not even remember. But this year, I had time set aside to go, plans to go...the announcement came...

It is Friday, October 1st. Cool. I get off in plenty of time to get there, looking forward to enjoying it.

Or I WOULD be...if that was not the night my friends Pam and Don were getting married.

I guess me and fan fest are just not meant to be...

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Riot Kitty said...

Well, congrats to your friends. To paraphrase someone we both like, "Is the universe trying to tell you something?"