Praying for a "tragedy"

Let me set the stage.

I love bike riding. It is very good exercise, low-impact and thus not overly harmful to the shreds of health I have remaining, it reminds me of a simpler time, and there is just something about the breeze you feel when rocketing down a hill that is pure awesome.

I have spent far more than intended in the last couple of years getting all my bike gear set up. I now have helmet, gloves, rain gear, floor pump, water bottle holder, and until I lost it, an emergency pump on the bike.

I have ridden hundreds of miles this summer, including a quite entertaining trip with my good friend Mr. Riot Kitty. (Yes, it is definitely a link you should follow and a shade less than 3 minutes of your life well spent).

I am a big fan of prudent, non-intrusive biking.

With that said...there is a bicycle event I hate with every fiber of my being.

I can count on one hand...possibly on one FINGER the things in life that I hate more than I hate this event.

That would be the "Seattle to Portland" or STP for short.

I hate it so much I cannot accurately put it into words.

Not all of it. Some of the riders are safe, sane, and courteous.

But I hate the jerks riding five wide into the HIGHWAY lanes.

These are not side streets you jerkwads. These are HIGHWAY roads.

I hate the jack-offs who put their rigs side by each and slow to 25 mph in 55mph zones because they do not want the vehicles driving the speed limit.

I hate the jackanapes who picnic on private lawns.

I hate the way those !@#$%^&* block off entrances to highway businesses/roads/houses I am trying to get to.

I thought about it for close to an hour on the way home and have to say I cannot think of even one single, solitary, good thing to say about that event. Quite the opposite.

I think my fondest hope is for someone who hates it even more than me to decide to pass one of their 2-car road-blocks, start to illegally pass it in the center, see a cop coming, over-correct back into his own lane so hard he loses control and pile-drives a pack of about 10 of those annoying pack-STP jack-offs into the afterlife. Or better yet, maims the most egregious scoff-law riders and kills their friends so they have to spend the rest of their life with the realization their donkey riding got their friends killed.

I want a "tragedy" so epic that it ends that stupid, hateful event for all time.

I would not cry for them at all. I would celebrate a great deal, in fact.

Open memo to the STP: I hate you with every fiber of my being. Go away, and stay away.

And no, this is not intended light-hearted or tongue in cheek. I really, truly, genuinely despise you that much.


Riot Kitty said...

I hate it when people ride like assholes. Nuff said!

Mama Zen said...

We get quite a bit of that kind of biking here. Someone is eventually going to get killed.

G said...

You should see it when they close a few of the main routes plus the crossover bridge for the Hartford Marathon (it winds its way through East Hartford, which is on the other side of the river)