Let us toot our own horn

There are some things in life I find inherently funny apart from any additions from external sources.
For example, I drove to Corvallis Saturday. On the way there, I passed a tire still smoking from its recent blow out. I turned the corner and saw pulling over a semi...for Les Schwab Tires.

I just find it funny to see a tire-store vehicle have a flat or blown tire.

Well, this afternoon I am packing stuff in the garage and came across a photo album holding memorabilia from my childhood.

Included is the Community Life section from the St. Helens Chronicle, dated Sunday, June 12, 1983 trumpeting "Spelling bee winners go on to state competition."

And there, under Division I, lies the following unedited line.

Division I - First palce, Andrew Barton

That upsets me. I did a lot of work spelling words such as silhouette. I parleyed my talent to know the mis-begotten rules of English better than numerous other students into a free trip to the State Fair.

And I did not even place...I just palced.

Old Palce Resort Sahl Hasheeh, Hurghada, Egypt is a location.

Palce is some sort of data sheet computer geeks know whereof, by I forthwith hath no knowledge pertaining to.

What does it have to do with a spelling be?

I could not even finish...I palced.

Somewhere, at this very moment, an English teacher is crying.

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Riot Kitty said...

First palce? Oh, that must have pissed you off! Don't get me started on what it was like working with copy editors, whose job it was *to write accurate and correctly spelled headlines*, when I was a reporter.