A guilty pleasure

Every so often I start watching a show that repulses and repels me. A fine example would be America's Got Talent.

The premise of the show is great; people have a variety of underseen, underappreciated talents and one of them should go to Las Vegas.

The problem is, they keep passing through acts that are redundant.

Example; there are shows called American Idol, Last Comic Standing, and So You Think You Can Dance.

These more than amply fill any need we have for singers, dancers, and stand-up comedians.

Yet with new things we have not seen before or at least are less common than yet another whiny, moaning crooner/singer/whaaagh my life sucks so hard I do cheesy covers of songs by better artists or "dance crew" that is "different" because they do the same moves...often in the same order...as other dance crews.

Yet less common (at least, in the United States) dance crews like the India/Bollywood stuff get sent home.

But hey...it is cheap (cost of electricity and an hour of my life I could have used for something else (yes, I dvr it and skip the commercials/judges introduction/closing credits/inane babble portions)) entertainment and every so often you see something cool like Defying Gravity.

Of course, then there are weeks where they have 12 acts and the bar is set so low you think all of them should go home.

My point?

I do not think I have one. It is what it is...a pretty lame, dumb show that I enjoy for no apparent reason.

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Riot Kitty said...

A cheap thrill? Yes, I would like a spanking!