Today I feel wiser

So I have been struggling with irritation. I have been trying to get my helmet to fit to enhance my safety in my increasingly long bike rides.

And have not been able to.

I was flummoxed by the massive instruction booklet.

Stunned by the 10 (ten) TEN TEN step process.

Irritated that I could not get it to work past about step two.

So tonight I took it to the place I bouight it from.

I knew he thought I was an idiot...until he could not get it to fit either.

So he thought I had selected the wrong helmet. Went and grabbed what he thought was the right size helmet...and it was the same size.

Then we discovered the click-wheel that is step two or three or four or something...does not work.

It was not my fault.

Amazing how such a little thing can make you soooooo happy.

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Riot Kitty said...

I hear you! That would make me super happy, too.