personal grooming

I have no idea when, why or how I picked up an aversion to certain things, but it is there...for example, I HATE clipping my nails.

As a result, they grow too long, then are more sensitive. Then, after I cut them...they are super tender. And this is often because I cut too short, near or into the cuticle, in a lame, desperate attempt to put it off again as long as possible.

It gets worse when I am in a "heavy" cycle such as currently where my weight is gaining and my conditioning slackening. Then it gets hard to bend over to get my toenails.

Which, of course, results in either ingrown toenails or else my toenail pinching into the toe next to it.


And so easy to prevent...just take three minutes to clip them on a regular schedule.

That is what a smart person would do. As anyone who read the key portion of the previous post knows, however, my plan is slightly different...


Riot Kitty said...

Two words: emery board. You are manly enough to use one, and they don't hurt like a bitch like nail clippers do.

For toenails, there are special tiny toenail scissors that also do not hurt.

I can tell you where to find these items!

Goose said...

When I am an RN...I will cut your toenails! True love!!