Another weekend gone?

This weekend I stopped at a Burgerville to grab a quick bite. In many ways, it was a key Burgerville.

See, it is the first "real job" I had. The first time I worked for someone other than myself (berry picking) or my Dad ('lumping" trucks).

You can say lots of things about these types of first learn a lot from them.

You also learn something when you stop in, realize the very shape of the building has changed, and then have not worked here for 21 years.

Where did the time go? When I was at Burgerville I was combining first year of college with senior year of high school. I had plans for where I was going to go, what I was going to do, who I was going to be.

Over half my life later, most of those things have not happened yet, nor are they likely to.

Not that I am complaining...I am blessed with a wonderful wife I probably never would have met had things gone as scheduled, and I would not miss out on her for the world.

I have good friends, am close to my family, and have a pretty cool life, all in all.

But still...where did the time go? Will I keep not finishing stuff forever?

Tonight I got out the guitar and was working on a couple of my songs when it hit me...if I had stayed steady working on these things, they would have been done months ago.

If I just wrote for an hour a night on my never-to-be-finished trilogy, it would be done by now.

If I rode my bike an hour a night I would not be so hefty.

If I worked on the mockumentary an hour a night, it would be ready for the Portland Film Festival by now.

In other words, if I used the little bits of time I have wisely, I would have gotten a lot done by now.

If I start doing those things, I will complete many projects.

But I think we all know that will not happen. And in an other decade, I will be wondering where all the time went.

On the bright side...I have reached the point where I do not look to get the time I have gone before it should be...


Riot Kitty said...

Do you know that line from a John Lennon song, "Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans"?

Don't worry, as soon as it's nice out, Mr. RK will go biking with you!

G said...

Interesting philosophical way of looking at things.

Also intereting is my word verification: "comit"