And you thought YOUR job sucked....

There are elements to all our jobs that are...well...less fun than we might prefer.

Example; I used to work at a fast food restaurant. One of the rather obnoxious jobs was cleaning the grills. You had to really exert a lot of pressure on it with the scraper.

One young lady was trying, really trying but, honestly, simply did not have the musculature to accomplish the deed. So she went to the office to ask the manager on duty how to get it clean.

"Use some elbow grease" she was told.

So she went back to the grill area and asked her co-worker, "Where do I find the elbow grease?"

Working with people like that...the intellect of a ruptured pea and the muscles to a definite drawback.

But, no matter how bad your job is, I want to point out it could be worse.

You could, after all, work with a guy who got sucked into a sausage machine.

I cannot even count the number of things wrong with that sentence. The fact I typed it adds one more...

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Riot Kitty said...

What a lucky escape indeed...because that would have been one of those dumb obituaries I'd be afraid to have.