My poor co-worker. He and his wife have spent months...MONTHS...planning their Vegas vacation.

Lining up transportation....his wife kept putting it off because tickets were non-refundable.

Buying new luggage.

Booking hotel rooms. Planning stuff with other family members.

Finding the right person from their family not going to watch their daughter, make sure she made it to school and had safe, familiar surroundings.

Budgeting how much they were going to spend, what shows see, etc.

And two days before they leave, his wife ends up in the hospital for the last two days with possible surgery on the horizon. Semi-emergency surgery.

The vacation is off.

What I want to know...if the government can bail out bad businesses, why are they not rushing to bail our peeps like Bill & Deb who are responsible and catch a bad break?

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Riot Kitty said...

Oh that sucks.

To answer your question...'cause they're ordinary folks and not rich corporate execs, that's why.