maybe if your prices were not so high in the first place...

One add currently running on tv is for one of the major auto insurance carriers.

Their main seeling points are two-fold; 1, size, and 2, discounts.

The size argument is ridiculous. "We are bigger than companies x and y combined." Ooooookay. So, if you are like most large companies, that means you are less responsive, less likely to care about your customers, and more likely to rest on your laurels.

If larger numbers of participants had any meaning then being a Democrat or Republican would actually be a good idea...since, exclusive of the other "big two", either party is easily larger than the next 3 parties combined.

If larger numbers participating was a good idea, being a stripper in Portland would be wise.

And so forth.

But it is their second point that really chaps my hide.

"Where else can you get discounts like that?" intones the love child of Tom Cruise and Keanu Reeves (if you see the commercial, you will instantly get that "joke").

Here is a thought, would not NEED to give whopping huge discounts if your prices were not ridiculously high in the first place. just sayin'

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