April Fools Day

Ah, yes...a day for people to make unbelievably stupid jokes, sometimes just banal and insipid, othertimes downright hurtful and pointless. What a waste of space.

We should just rip this day completely off the calendar. Think of the benefits. No more "HAHAHA I quit" jokes at work. No more fake lottery tickets given out. No more joy buzzer hand shakes or whoopee cushions in chairs.

The world would be a better place just for that...but there would be an additional benefit.

If we shortened every year by 1 day, people would live longer, their birthday would come a day sooner...lets just cancel April Fools day. It will be a better life all around.

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Riot Kitty said...

And then tomorrow you'll write, "Just kidding!"

Today would have been my great aunt's b.day, so I've been more thinking along those lines.