How amazing are pigs?

Pigs. Bet you do not think too much about them. But you should. They are truly among the most amazing creatures on earth.

More amazing than the star-nosed mole.

More amazing than the oarfish.

Why, as unbelievable as you might find it...even more amazing than the Duckbill Platypus.

Seriously, lets talk about pigs for a bit and how amazing they are.

Pigs were created by God, yet he forbade them to His chosen people. That, to me, is amazing. After all, just after the flood in Genesis 9:2-3 Scripture records God telling Noah,
The fear of you and the terror of you will be on every beast of the earth and on every bird of the sky; with everything that creeps on the ground, and all the fish of the sea, into your hand they are given.

3"Every moving thing that is alive shall be food for you; I give all to you, (Bas I gave the green plant.

Pigs are so amazing that after giving them for food to Noah, God forbade them his chosen people, the Israelites.

And pigs continued to get more and more amazing. Did they once go airborne? one wonders if it happened when pigs flew. It is so amazing that when people want to see the unexpected, they believe it will occur when pigs fly.

Even more amazing was the family of pigs that, while slower, less agile, weaker, and more portly, and arguably stupider, they managed to out-run, out-hide, out-last and out-smart a wolf.

Are not wolves a model of craftiness? Yet pigs...those slow, fat cloven hoof lazy fatties, somehow managed to elude their quicker, agile foe the wolf EVEN AFTER THEIR HOUSE COLLAPSED AROUND THEM.

Yes, they built such shoddy domiciles that the wolf's breath was powerful enough to knock their very homes down on top of them.

You show me any other creature that, if their house collapsed around them, would elude such a dangerous predator. Yet not one but two pigs did so, and not once, but twice before they and their brother ultimately out-smarted the wolf once and for all.

As amazing as those pigs were, the pork party continued to improve.

They reached a point where they went to market.

They reached a point where they stayed home (possibly in a brick building for fear the wolf still lurked about).

They consumed delicacies such as roast beef...who cooked it for them being an open question. Possibly the pig who was left with none, for after the other pig sampled it, perhaps he pigged it down...

And they got even smarter. They conversed with spiders so well they convinced the spider to kill itself trying to save the pig.

They learned to speak and, if not married a frog, at least had a long-term romance with one of the most popular eligible bachelors of our time. All while being perhaps the most annoying, too much make-up wearing Muppet of all time.

They have had movies made about them going to the city (and overcome their intrinsic homeliness to the point they are labeled "Babe".

Yes, truly pigs are amazing creatures. We should all love, honor and respect them, just as I intend to do tomorrow morning with a sausage and bacon breakfast tomorrow.


Riot Kitty said...

You are so funny! Pigs have teeth that more closely resemble human teeth than any other species. One reason I do not want to eat them. BTW, in case he has forgotten to e-mail and thank you, Mr. RK really appreciated the post about his stuff :)

kev said...

you forgot to mention that (according to quite a few people) they eventually came to wear badges and carry guns. said...

Hi Weasel:

I am crazy about pigs & primates. think that they are hilarious & I have a collection of them.

They remind me of my family. You must come and look at the primate that is stiing on top of the chair by the fireplace.

Now that you brought the subject up I'll alwayse think of you when I see him. I have decided, as of now, to name him weasel.
Weasel the primate. Don't you just love this?
I really love this blog. auntie Prune Picker/ AKA the Old Blister