Editing; More than just a good idea

Sometimes you wonder what people are thinking. For example, if you ran a major news outlet, would you take a little time to think about your title?

For example, what would it take to get you to use the non-word "absense" in your headline?

From skimming the not-exactly-hard-hitting news piece, it seems to be they meant to say "absence"...but do not have spell-check for their headline.

And it seems appropriate, in a post mocking the sub-title to the headline on a show obsessed with sex, to bring up this; right or wrong, wisely or imbecilic, many American men equate the phrase "women's sports" with "lesbians" and the word "lesbian" with "I am so turned on I can't think straight".

It is, admittedly, a concept I have never understood. Perhaps the British comedy Couplings had it right when they referred to it as "sex where the man doesn't have anything to do".

Be that as it may, with drooling neanderthals considering women's sports simply a conduit for lesbian visuals for the, how smart would you have to be to put up this gem of a headline?

American Women Peaking for gold medal game with Canada.

Well done. No double entendre intended or observed there. Good to see lots of thinking going on before writing headlines, too. Just sayin'

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Riot Kitty said...

Years of dealing with incompetent copy editors - oh sorry, that's redundant - don't get me started! How is it that some of the greatest butchers of the English language are allowed to write the headlines?