Well...a mixed bag

Had my doctors appointment today and he released me back to work. So I called work, told them I have the letter.

Apparently, they have to clear me through corporate, so I do not know when I will actually return to work. How cool is that?

Not very. Until now, I have been on short-term disability...but as of tomorrow, that will no longer be true.

And I have no clue where I stand. Will it be a day? 2 days? A week? When do I go back?


On the dark side, my shoulder still does hurt and twinge. But from a realistic point of view, simple economics state that even if I had been forced to lie to the doctor, I would have seriously considered it just to get back to work. Not that I want to.

I still heartily resent the betrayal. I have worked my butt off for that company and done way more than my share. But when I needed help they extended a giant double middle finger to me.

Because I am me, I will still be one of the best, if not clearly the best, employees they have.

But you can rest assured that as long as I work there, I will no longer be the go-to guy who voluntarily does the dirty jobs nobody else wants to do. I will return to being that guy when I am at a place that deserves it and reciprocates.

On the topic of which, I sent out a couple resumes today to jobs that intrigue me and one already called me, which I am excited about. Wish me luck.

Oh, and...happy December


Riot Kitty said...

Buena suerte, Darth! (That's good luck in Spanish.) Corporations suck, no two ways about it. But I am glad you are looking around and it is GREAT that you have had a call already.

G said...

Interesting blog you got here.

R.K. recommended yours to me as something that I might be interested to read.

Think I'll stick around for a while.

Darth Weasel said...

Thanks, RK, for the recommendation, and Thanks, G, for stopping by. Hope you find it entertaining.