Welcome to Thanksgiving Week

In theory, this week would be the one where people express the most gratitude. And I do, indeed, know many people who, while regularly already fairly grateful, do up there level of thankfulness.

It is a pretty full week; yesterday we had our "extended" family Thanksgiving with the nephews, cousins, friends, etc. Thursday will spend plenteous time at Dad's place, Friday at my brothers, and probably be right back out there Saturday.

I feel blessed that, even with my better half out of town (insert sad face here) I am still surrounded by family and friends...so surrounded that time with other treasured friends are getting short-changed (if not this Tuesday then certainly next, RK).

So why, in a week where people will "celebrate" Thanksgiving (many by gluttonous eating and copious consumption of alcohol) and follow it with the heaviest shopping day of the year for Greedmas...err, Christmas, are people seeming so cranky overall?

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Riot Kitty said...

No worries, we will make it happen. Have fun with the turkeys - I mean, Happy Thanksgiving!