Genius for hire...a few states away

Cesar Lopez is probably an all right guy I suppose. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, of course, but a nice enough guy. He just did not realize what game they were playing.

Remember that card game where you put a card on your head so everyone but you can see it, and then everyone...each of the others doing the same thing...guesses who has the highest ranked card?

THAT is the game Lopez thought they were playing. But he lost his, uh...card. Took off his ball cap, looking for it. Worried.

Of course, if he lived in Denver, he need not have worried. He might have had a job writing about the quality of his card. Who knows?

The point is, if you lose your card...and a cop sees it stuck to your forehead...and you do not have a license for that baggie of marijuana stuck to your might get in trouble, just like Lopez.

The sad part? Denver is looking for someone to review the stuff...

(By the way, kind of makes you rethink the brilliance of my "HIGHEST ranked card crack, eh?)

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