If you are a Fellini fan, don't read this post. Just sayin'.

I think this post is my 8-1/2 post. Much like that overrated piece of trash, this post is about block...director's block for Fellini, writers block for me.

The sad part is...this blog as a general rule is really about nothing. I bounce randomly from editorials on politics to bizarre news to stupid jokes to stuff about family. There is no central theme, no overarching philosophy to unify the numerous nonsensical posts.

In other words, any subject at all is fair game. Feel like commenting on the on-ramp mendicants? Go for it. Feel like taking the word mendicant and using it to discuss Groo the Wanderer? Sure, makes sense to me. Riff on other stuff Mark Evanier (writer of Groo) or Sergio Aragones (artist of Groo...and Mad magazine...and...) have done? Why not. That opens the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon which then opens to a post on role playing games...which brings us to nerds, and here I am.

So with no shortage of topics, no limitations on what I write...how is it that I am completely uninspired?

I think I know the answer.

Blame Canada.


Riot Kitty said...

Fellini irritates me to no end!

pheromone girl said...

I believe that Canada is to blame for many ills. It's nice to find a kindred soul.

Hey - I owe you guys coffee. Finally not sick: check. Moved in: check. Working less: check. Whoa. Schedules, please?