My Apologies to the bands I cracked on

A couple days ago I heavily criticized the talentless lunkheads behind Kiss and Guns and Roses for their poor sound and horrific lyrics. I owe them and apology.

Not because I was wrong...oh no. They are clearly among the worst, least talented bands of all time. However,  I did neglect to include some other over played, under talented bands with a lot of the same issues.

One sign that the song you are listening to is A) not very good and B) was written for monetary gain without regard to artistic quality is this: If you hear a lyric, repeat the lyric, and the chance your repeating it was an accurate prediction of what the next lyric is happens to be over 80%.

Enter ACDC. This is the band that brought you quality songs with great lyrics like, "For those about to rock, we salute you" (repeat approximately 479 times with at best minor variations).

Now, on the one hand it might be unfair to compare ACDC to craptacular bands like the aforementioned wastes of space. I mean, in all fairness, they did have some pretty good licks. As despicable as the message of the song is, the hook to Hells Bells is an exceptionally fine one, arguably one of the greatest licks in all of rock history.

And they had a wider agenda than just girls and getting stoned. Their library is replete with celebrations of evil. From Highway to Hell about their wonderful journey to hell, to Back in Black about the devil reincarnating their lead screamer...err, "singer", never mind... lead screamer is more the previously addressed Hells Bells they clearly had an agenda. Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be was kind of their statement song, albeit one most casual rock fans might not have heard.

And they did have some other good riffs. The TNT riff that gets played at Winterhawks games when a goal is scored, a short bit of Thunderstruck...

But whatever good comes from those riffs is overwhelmed by their screeching, caterwauling excuse for a lead singer, their repetitive lyrics ad nauseum and their still rather limited categories of songs keep them firmly in the camp of trash bands that get played way too much and help us appreciate...well, I was told Tiffany gives earworms, so lets go with a better version by a better artist.

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Riot Kitty said...

I've never understood the appeal of AC/DC...a bunch of whiny Brits who can't sing.