2 years

Posts here will be few and far between due to my ridiculous work schedule. How ridiculous? Well, today...err, yesterday, now...was our 2 year anniversary. We had mild plans for what to do. Instead, I slept. Largely because I got home about 6 in the morning and more or less got up just in time to get ready for work.

On the bright side, we are close enough that such a drawback is not cause for upset words, anger, etc. Perhaps some disappointment, but that is much overshadowed by understanding.

Had you asked me where I would be 3 years ago, one place I would not have said was married. Quite the opposite.

But the unfortunate, premature passing of a friend and a few other experiences coalesced into the perfect storm that led to where things are today. Nor is there anything in there to regret.

Anyway, we have now been married for 2 years and counting. One wonders where things will be in 2 more years? 5?10? Will we hear the pitter-patter of little feet? And if so, what happened to the rest of the kid? *Rim shot*

You knew I was going to work a tasteless joke in there somewhere I hope. I would not be me if not. After all, I once wrote this and still think it is funny. My brother and I, while hacking round with concepts I hope to turn into a film someday when I am less lazy, created these horrific jokes I still laugh at. How could I not work in a bad kid joke?

Anyway, the point of this rambling bit of nonsense is that...I actually don't remember. It is about 4 in the morning, got home early today, had the time and non-sleepiness to write, and started off about our anniversary, got side-tracked, and this is the result. A train wreck. 

With any luck, I will get back to writing soon. Much to say, just little time. Thanks to all my peeps out there, keep on rockin', and happy 4th of July (belated or early, your choice).


Riot Kitty said...

Happy anniversary! And if you two decide to have kids, I hope you decide to have them whole.

pheromone girl said...

Hey - I've missed you!

Your comment on He Man made me laugh until I fell off the couch.

Happy Anniversary!!!