Which do you prefer?

Not sure how this came up, but for whatever reason, today I started thinking about the phrase, "It was the best day of my life". 

Certainly it was a great day when we got married...and the video was fun, too. But best day? Nah. Today is better, for example. Back then I thought I new what I was getting...but she proved to be much better. Today is a better day than that one just because of all the memories we have created together in just under two years and all the ones I look forward to making in the future...if we are allowed.

See, whenever we hug or kiss or hold hands in the house, there is a strenuous, loud, obnoxious objection.

Now, by show of hands, how many people think I will choose the person in the video with me...or this?

I think we all know who will win that one.

A few comments about the video: it was made when I was first trying to learn how to do video editing. I was using Windows Movie Maker at the time...a fine program, just not for the intricate stuff I was trying. If I had it to do over, I now know how to make things much smoother and with more accurate cuts that would match the beats much better. Still, for the meaning involved, it is well worth the 4:30 or so of my life to go back and view it every so often. And to remember today is better than yesterday :-)


pheromone girl said...

Great post! I like the last sentence best of all!

Riot Kitty said...

I love the last sentence too. Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

You're the best husband ever!!!